Recovering in the Winter Session?

Having just read over the Winter Session, there seems to be no ability to recover from conditions (though you can recover Nature). This seems odd to me. If you are Sick at the start of Winter, you remain Sick to Spring? If you are Hungry at the start of Winter, you remain Hungry until the start of Spring?

Was it intended that all conditions be recovered in the Winter Session at the same time as recovering Nature?

The rules are correct as written. The final players’ turn of the fall is your last chance to get rid of your conditions before spring.

Cheers for the answer. Any suggestions on how to explain that effect narratively?

Winter is hard.

Winter sucks.

Have you lived in a place with snow?

Also, rereading the text, note that it doesn’t preclude recovery from Hungry and Tired via food and lodging from your relationships or Resources. Just no Will/Health tests for Recovery.

Question: can one circle up a doc during winter to receive treatment?

yes, but if they fail their test, you’re stuck. See Rand!

Ah that makes sense. For some reason, I read it that you needed to spend ticks to make any kind of recovery roll but see now that Hungry/Thirsty may not need a roll.

Hungry, Thirsty and Tired can all be recovered by means other than a straight recovery test.