Recovery in Hotels and Inns

When the rules for the Hotel say: “Meals provided: free recovery from hungry and thirsty and exhausted. You may make two free recovery tests and up to two additional tests at your expense” (p. 90), does that mean a character staying there automatically recovers from hungry & thirsty and exhausted, without needing a test, and may then proceed to make two free recovery tests?

Or are those “two free recovery tests” referring to the first sentence and I have to test for recovering from hungry & thirsty and exhausted as normal?

[P.S. I think I figured it out: the lifestyle costs for the Inn talk about “expending your free tests”, which cannot refer to “Meals provided: free recovery from hungry and thirsty” in the same entry, as that would be only one test. Thus, the “two free recovery tests” in the Inn are different from and made in addition to the free recovery fom hungry & thirsty.

Sorry for the bother, I should have spotted that earlier. I’ll leave this post here in case the question should come up again at some point.]

The first thing you said. You recover from Hungry & Thirsty and Exhausted, plus get two recovery tests, for the cost of going to the Hotel (+3 Lifestyle). You can then buy up to two additional recovery rolls at a cost of +1 Lifestyle each.

The Hotel is a swanky place.

Thanks for the answer. The hotel really is swanky! I finally managed to figure it out (see edit above), but it’s nice to have some confirmation. Allow me to add some rep for your trouble.

I’ve been thinking a bit about this as well, with respects to recovery order - does staying at a Hotel mean you recover from both Hungry/Thirsty and Exhausted even if you are, for example, angry? I’m inclined to say yes, but that your two tests then need to be spent on recovering from conditions in order, but I’m still unsure.

See Recovery Order in Town​, page 92.