Recursive stock is recursive

In the Orc stock, Named requires Black Destroyer, Troll Lord or Head Taker.
Black Destroyer requires Follower, Astride the Beast or Head Taker.
Head Taker requires Bears the Lash, Black Destroyer or Named.
Luke, u trolling? :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you can just go in different directions: from Named to Head-Taker and vice-versa, but not some random LP to one of them. For example, you can go Troll Lord -> Named -> Head Taker, but not Troll Lord -> Head Taker. Likewise, you can go Bears the Lash -> Head Taker -> Named, but not Bears the Lash -> Named.

I could be wrong but i thought you could go BD-Named-HT or Follower, BD, HT, Named.

I know, I just found the whole thing dam funny. :slight_smile:

It’s almost like its own elite orc setting. And the only things that lead to it those few lifepaths.

For some reason it really bothers me that the title of this thread is a tautology, not recursion.