Religious History...Wise?

Priest gets Religious History as a skill on page 185. I’m assuming that this is a Religious History-Wise, or perhaps I am missing something.


I treat wises as general knowledge. A priest’s religious history training would be more specific and would include more rigorous instruction, maybe multiple versions of the same record, competing interpretations, refutations, the proper books to consult for researching further.

There’s no hard and fast here, but it’s similar to the difference between forest-wise and survival.

How would it be used differently in play?

lower Obs

Obs would be higher for the wise and some tests I might declare out of the scope of the wise, depending on how they obtained the knowledge.

Would you allow fact declaration with Religious History, same as with Wises?

There is a Religious History skill. Check under the umbrella History listing.

I would. Same with any other information skill where I didn’t have an idea already.

Thank you Thor. That was part of what I was missing.