Required Beginning Traits

Hello all! I just picked up my copy of BWG and I have a question I’m not sure about.

I read that skill points from LP’s can only be spent on skills from your LP master lists. I’m confused about buying traits though. Am I required to buy every trait from my LP’s, or just the first one on the list? I’m assume I have to, but couldn’t decipher that in the rules.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You must buy the first.
You may buy the subsequent ones.
They often give cheap access to useful traits.

My honor seeking Dwarven Prince (3rd in line to the throne) thanks you sir.

As Alexander noted, you are required to buy the first trait on each lifepath. It costs 1 trait point. You may buy other lifepath traits if you wish. They also cost 1 trait point. Or you may spend your excess points on other traits from the trait list, so long as they have a price listed. You must pay the listed price in trait points for those traits.

Thanks again! Working my way through this and I know I’ll have more questions.

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