Retribution by Medium or Domain?

I have a feeling this is really obvious, but I find myself doubting my understanding.

If you’re owed retribution from a spirit, is that limited to the medium in which you summoned it, or to any example of that medium in that domain? Or to the whole domain?

For example, a character with a binding to City spirit binds in a particular house to learn about the tenants. The domain is the city, and the medium is the house, right?

Now he’s owed retribution. Is he only in danger when he’s in that particular house? Or any house in that city? Or any place at all in the city?

If a spirit binder with a binding to the sea binds a single wave to sweep the bathing sultan’s folded robes into the sea, is he in danger of retribution from all waves? Or is he safe, since that particular wave’s ephemeral existence has ended?

A binder bound to the forest causes a branch to fall and strike his enemy. Is that whole forest dangerous for him now?

Only in the house.

Can you bind a single wave? I never thought of that. Are waves ephemeral or are they constantly reborn. I don’t think I’d let someone get away with no retribution because of some philosophical hand waving.

So retribution is by medium, then, and it’s specific. If I bind a tree to eat Charlie Brown’s kite then I only need to steer clear of that particular tree.

Another ephemeral example would be storms. If you have a storm domain and you bind a storm to go blow down a house and you don’t go back into the storm, and the storm ends, you’re safe forever. The next storm doesn’t know you.

I don’t think it should work quite like that. I think the binding should be tied slightly less specifically to the medium but more specifically to the location. So:

If I bind a tree to eat Charlie Brown’s kite then I need to steer clear of all trees in that yard. Outside the yard is ok.

If I bind an ocean wave to steal the sultan’s robes, I need to steer clear of the water in that particular harbour where I did the binding. Not near the water is ok.

If I bind a storm blowing through the cactus forest, I need to be wary of future storms in that same cactus forest. In the cactus forest on a clear day is ok.

What do you think? Either that, or just say short-lived spirits enact retribution as quickly as possible. Sometimes, maybe even before carrying out their service.

Or! Consult the die of fate! On a 1, it’s the same wave, storm, western wind, come back for another round.

This may be an area where there is subjectivity based on the established fiction.

At some level, I think each tree has it’s own spirit, on the other hand, perhaps an evil forest has a spirit for the whole forest.

I would definitely not allow a single wave as a medium, it would have to be some identifiable body of water.

I would say look to the fiction to determine exactly what the spirit is.