Rewards for prolouge

If I’m right, if I do a prolouge I can elevate my tapped Nature one step or remove one Condition (anyone?). Might I suggest that you also can get an extra check for doing a prolouge but only if you don’t have a tapped nature or any Condition to remove.

What do you say? Good or bad?

There’s always someone who’s got some taxed Nature or a condition to alleviate (if there isn’t, the GM is going too easy on the players!).

My major beef with it is that it doesn’t really fit the fiction of the game, in which the characters are constantly on the move until Winter comes, when they have a chance to regroup and practice. That’s why you practice skill during the Winter session and also why players that miss a session get a chance to earn a check. I really like the fact that you have to miss out on playing the game for a session in order to gain a check without really earning it in play.

All that said, I don’t think it will break anything fundamental in the game if you add this rule.