Riding Conflicts With Wild Beasts & Monsters - Questions

It will likely happen soon. I’m throwing a Might 5 beast on them and suspect someone will get gutsy and want to ride it.

My question is, if it’s just your run of the mill flesh-ripping kind of monster, what are the steps for getting the beast under control?

My initial thoughts:

  1. First, Order of Might states that you may only Capture a creature equal to or less than your Might. I believe this should apply to Riding but evidently Riding something raises your might to the Mount’s might so I can’t be right. So then, how does Order of Might figure into allowances with Riding?

Now let’s say they meet the Might requirement…

  1. A Riding conflict would not come first in my opinion. Instead, I believe a Capture conflict would be in order and then only after success in that could a Riding/Horsebreaking conflict of sorts take place. Thoughts?

  2. Would it be prudent to separate out Riding and Horsebreaking? Ie: first you must tame the beast, then you have to see how it rides.

  3. I’m of course trying to piece together a custom conflict here, but then, what should the skills be for the Riding conflict in this case? What about a “Horsebreaking” conflict? The book lists Rider, Hunter, and Peasant in the factors chapter for Rider. With this in mind, for a Riding conflict against a wild beast or monster, I’d assume something like Attack:Rider, Defend:Hunter, Feint:Rider, Maneuver:Hunter.

  4. Weapons on behalf of the beast could be bucking type actions or perhaps other harmful weapons in the monster’s array (say with various fanged or spiked appendages if they have them)?

  5. Should Might factor into a Riding conflict in terms of +1s?

Anyone have experience with mounts and riding thus far? Does this all sound about right? I’d love to see a Dwarf ride a manticore into the sunset but I have a feeling it’s not that easy.

Is this about taming a monster to be a mount? That’ll probably eventually be covered by another skill, but using Peasant would do for now. And the conflict should take place during winter or another extended town phase. It’s not something you do in a turn during the adventure. That’s when you capture the beast, not train it.

Thanks for the answer. Very clear. I can also see how Order of Might controls what kinds of beasts one may capture and later attempt to train as a mount. Seems like it requires colossal effort and resources to avoid a train wreck.

There are of course other obstacles to overcome that will likely abound. The creature in question carries the risk of disease on physical contact so good luck to them with that. I also doubt tying up a monster at the stables would be well received, so there’s the problem of “storage” so to speak.

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait… This mean no peasant can tame a wild horse. Order of Might don’t give PC nor NPCs the chance of capturing a common horse and tame them! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay cool :cool:

You’re right about the peasants! Horses are Might 3 so capture is indeed possible if they must be captured by adventurers. Wild horses for instance. The original PDF had them at 4 in one instance but they are definitely Might 3 in there now.

Now, there is an example in the book in the Skills chapter where Beren encounters a herd of wild horses. Capture doesn’t seem to be necessary in that case. With that in mind, I think the official mount rules are likely just something to come, but in the meantime I’m handling it contextually and at the GM’s discretion. With that, I’m certainly making clear distinctions between horses (and other riding/pack animals) and monsters.

Is it weird I’m thinking an Immortal Lord called “the Horse Tamer”?

Stay cool :cool: