Rolepaying during Camp Phase

Rereading the camp phase rules something caught my eye:

I’m not sure how to interpret that. Do I say to my players “If you want to plan ahead, you have to expend a test, otherwise you are too tired to have a conversation” or “Guys, you’ve been talking too much, please spend a check before continuing”

I don’t know, that feels really unnatural, too inorganic for the development of the session. Am I reading it wrong?

Stay cool :cool:

I think the key word there is “debate”, implying a PvP conflict to decide a future course of action. The players would need to expend a check to initiate that conflict. If it is simply discussion about the future course of action, then no test.

A PvP conflict should arise organically through play. If it feels like you are forcing a conflict where there isn’t one, then don’t do it :slight_smile:

And if a dispute starts getting testy, time for the GM to say “are you gonna spend a check to make it a conflict?”

A good way to get a pass or fail on a vocal skill in a game that may be combat, dungeon heavy.

Remember that there’s a leader roll built into TB. In the end they make the decisions about what the party ultimately does. If the other PCs aren’t happy with the leader’s course of action (maybe they think the dungeon is too dangerous and want to turn back and go to town but the leader wants to press on) then they can try to convince the rest of the party of their point of view. If they win, then they get what they wanted (and maybe become the new leader if you want to play it that way?), if they lose then they go along with the rest of the party albeit grumblingly (or I suppose they could part ways and be out of the game for the rest of the session/adventure, if they feel that strongly about it, though hopefully it doesn’t come to that).

Or, to take the most insidious and dangerous (and sometimes, funny) route, if you’re unhappy with the party decisions and fail to sway the others your way you can go along and make things difficult for the others. You can get a whole loot of checks to argue with in camp if you use every opportunity to use your traits against yourself… :slight_smile: