Roll20 DOW/Fight Scripting

Anyone have a suggestion on how to run duel of wits or fight on roll20? In my face to face game we use dry erase boards but I am at a loss for how to replicate this for online play. Thanks!

I run BW over skype regularly, and we usually just use the honor system.

Someone on the G+ group gave me the idea to use the Deck in roll20 and creating a play mat. I ended up making sets of cards for Range and Cover, Duel of Wits, and Fight. After some dry runs they work great. If anyone wants a copy of the sets of cards shoot me a message and I will gladly share them. They have the words inked out on an unwound scroll and each card is its own jpeg.

The way we handled it was writing our moves into two seperate notes, with the GM giving permission only to the two players involved. It’s not as pretty as using cards, but it’s also less fiddly to start with.

My concern with that is that the GM can still see everything and I often play one side in a conflict, got to keep me honest also ;). The cards were a bit fiddly but nothing two hours did not fix. I like the two notes idea though. Does the GM just use honor system then? I kind of like the drama of the reveal with the cards as it lent some tension to the whole table that is sometimes missing in a duel etc that is going between 1 pc and the GM, particularly if they are one of my new players who don’t have them most amazing ability to roleplay the situation out yet.

We typically script into the chat window, and then all say when we’re done and hit enter at the same time.

Ooh, can’t believe I didn’t think of that, all the advantages of the 2 notes thing, with less fiddling around with the notes.

Great idea, but it also means you can’t use the rules for changing an action during an exchange.

Also, knowing what your opponent is going to script in volley 3 during volley 1 kind of takes the excitement and tactics away, don’t you think?

I remember Adam Koebel claiming that there would be scripting sheets built in to the burning wheel roll20 character sheets in a later version, but that might have been left by the wayside.

So far, importing the scripting sheets as an image and writing on them using the draw tool in separate pages has worked best for me and my group, but the gang and I are planning on giving Jnelson’s cards idea a try next time.

Yeah, I’ve never had people do that and forgot they could…