Roll20 Presents: The Burning Wheel

An intrigue game of the Burning Wheel using several magic systems from the Codex, featuring Adam Koebel (that’s me!) as the GM with players DistractedElf, Dave, Andrew and Bluejay.


My introduction to BW. Adam clearly demonstrates a reproducible playstyle with a great cast.

Also got me into BW, while I was studying in Beijing… Watched all of what was available, back then, and after my return, I started a group! Thanks for the great stream, Adam! :smiley:

BTW, is there possibly a 4th season coming, one day? :star_struck:


Any chance of that group getting back together to round off the story line?

How is Andrew?

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Checked Twitter: out of hospital, recuperating. Good news. So perhaps the campaign can resume at some point


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