Roll20 Sheets Support

Are there any plans for official Roll20 support? I do most of my gaming these days online, and would love some fancy Roll20 sheets. If not official, does anyone know if any kind and generous souls are currently working on a Roll20 sheet for M&M?

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I don’t believe anyone has actually played a game of M&M outside of BWHQ.


Just got done with out first online session via roll20, I took some time this morning to create a very basic sheet to be used as well. Made it public on github, and hopefully down the road I’ll make some improvements to it!.


You, monsieur, are a saint.

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I have also been working on a Roll20 sheet. Would love to see what we could make if we work together! Still pretty new to this so feed back is very welcome :slight_smile: . Next thing I am working on is the roll template for the sheet.

For people who are not pro users on roll20. Message me about using the sheets for your own games.

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