Rolling the appropriate skill vs. "Tell me what skill you use"

I see what you’re referring to; it’s right there on page 287. Thing is, it’s the only time such reference is made. While the text refers you to the Technology Burner chapter, said chapter makes no reference to using conflict scenes as super-building scene, and no further guidance on the idea is given. Sure, you can make Resources and Circles tests during a Duel of Wits or a Firefight, but you’re at +1 Ob, and he text makes it clear that the point of such scenes isn’t bringing hard tech or new NPCs into the game.

I get the feeling that the line is a holdover from an earlier idea that got pulled from the text in subsequent revisions.

Added in Edit: Actually, no, it is in the text after all, nestled on Page 396. Still, it only applies if someone needs to make a hefty Fabrication test:

Fabrication counts as a building scene. A character may make up to an Ob 4 Fabrication test per building scene. Alternately, the group may use one of their conflict scenes as an extended conflict for Fabrication. Fabricator hits his workshop full time and may make up to an Ob 6 skill test.