Rules changes in second printing and boxed set?

I didn’t want this question to be lost in a longer thread about the boxed set in general so I thought I’d post it as a separate thread.

Are the rules changed in the second printing of the Mouse Guard book, and in the forthcoming boxed set?

If so, what are the changes? Any idea if there will be an update PDF or an update to the Mouse Guard RPG PDF?


I believe there are no rules changes in the main book, just the new supplement included with the box set, and that is supposed to be sold as a PDF.

With all new printings I update the book with errata. Other than that, there’s no edition changes.

Having gotten the box set, the rules addition are in a separate booklet. Nothing that will make a radical change to MG gaming. Just some nice new options and expansions. “Weapons” for non-combat conflicts were the biggest add. These are well done and should add some flavor.d