Rules summary

Hey all, my group recently completed our first Mouse Guard mission (Trouble in Grasslake) and I thought I’d post a summary of the MG rules that I wrote as I (the GM) was preparing. Writing it helped me to understand how things fit together and afterward it has provided a quick and useful reference for everyone. Here’s a link to the read-only Google doc:

The document should be public to all so let me know if you can’t see it. Also, there aren’t intended to be any ‘house rules’ in here, so if you see a mistake, feel free to tell me.

Hope this helps someone as much as it has us!

+1s is not one automatic success. It increases your margin of success by one on successful tests.

Thanks Guy! I corrected the doc. :slight_smile:

Thanks, printed this out for our local convention. :slight_smile:

I made my own GM Screen. Since I am playing my first game today I will likely tweak it but would be happy to post it in pdf format for any who want it. It is made to go into the Savage Worlds interchangeable Screen doohickey that, while WAY more expensive than it should have been, has allowed me to churn through many hours making DM screens. While I haven’t used man of them, the process of doing this actually is a very nice tutorial on how to play the game.

I assume we would need to put the file into a sharing site like photobucket?

I’m new to the game and GMing.
This help a lot!

Thank you.