Running and Screaming and Actions per volley!

We tested out some practice fights last night. I saw what would happen if my poor dear little untrained 2 LP character got in a fight with someone who had actual skill.

So of course at one point I take a wound and fail the steel test, so I’m running and screaming.

Bret has two actions scripted, and I just have the one. If he attacks on his second action, is it against running and screaming even though I just have one action that volley?

Unfortunately I don’t have an answer but only a follow up question:
How does running and screaming work with positioning?

Matt: He tests against NO ACTION since you don’t have an action on that interval.

Kolja: I don’t have my book with me, but what you seek is in the Fight chapter. Can anyone get me a page ref?

Pages 453-454

Thanks. Maybe I should postpone these questions until my book arrives.