Running The Sword with more than four players?

My current group has finally agreed to try out Burning Wheel. One of the players has briefly tried it with me in the past, but that was years ago and he doesn’t remember much (other than that he thinks he hates Duel of Wits, but thats because he has this misconception that it’s all dice rolls that replace actual roleplaying).

So far so good, they have agreed to start by trying their hands on The Sword. Problem is theres five of them, and The Sword only has four PCs. How should I handle this? Having the one guy who has tried it before sit this one out doesn’t seem like an option, since he needs the most convincing of the bunch and would benefit the most from playing through The Sword.

Play The Gift? :wink:

Just kidding (though it’s a tight little scenario). Anyway something I hope is helpful.

Thanks a million! I see my web-fu has failed me, I should have known the search function would have turned up something like this.

No problem. Good luck with the game!