Saddler Lifepath

Where is it? The Master of Horses Lifepath needs it (and man that are some high requirements there). One would think you could get there via Groom but it requires Saddler. Where is that Lifepath?

The Saddler is in the City, page 174.

Keep in mind that the Master of the Horse was one of the most powerful and respected court officers in any court, with a substantial sinecure. It was a position awarded either to a sovereign’s favorite, or, more likely, to a powerful individual whose loyalty the sovereign was attempting to secure with prestige and coin.

In a royal court, it was a position frequently held by a duke or an earl. You’d have to be a very rich and powerful person to hold the position without a noble title.

Good to know. Thanks Thor. Must have overlooked it quite hard.

No problem and sorry for the geek out. Just explaining why Groom doesn’t get you there but a wealthy craftsman like a Saddler might.