Same camp, multiple event rolls?

My players are planning to set up a base camp tonight, and make looting runs into the dungeon. Sounds good.

Should we roll on camp events every time they return? If so, how are camp improvements handled mechanically? For instance, if they’ve made camp twice, and both times spent a check to make an improvement(via appropriate skill I iimagine) to camp, should I represent that as two improvements, therefore +2 to camp events roll? Or after a bit can I just say, yeah you’ve got stockades and a roof, it’s looking more like a settlement than a camp, we don’t need to roll anymore.


I think you can only “improve” once. However, I imagine through checks and adventure actions you can change the nature of the camp to a more hospitable one. If it was dangerous because of patrolling kobolds and you kill or scare away the kobolds, then maybe you can just use a less dangerous events table. Also, the other things they add, like a roof or stockades, can be used to their advantage if they get a twist as a result of a check, or if they are unfortunate enough to lead an enemy back to their camp. Yes, you roll for camp events each time, but hopefully their abstract “improvements” from elfyness or survivalist plus the concrete improvements that make them better equipped to deal with problems will make those camp events less damaging even if they are bad.

Thanks for the reply!

As I suspected, those checks to improve camps are descriptive, not mechanical necessarily. Which makes sense in a game where one describes to live.

Supposedly these are part of rules that Thor and Co. were “working on”

Perhaps as part of an expert-level set that covers more extensively wilderness travel.