Scribe Scroll Factors

Hi everyone!

Some scribe scroll questions:

  1. How many scrolls can be produced with one scribe scroll scholar test? I did not find scholar factors for scribing scrolls,

  2. If I scribe a scroll whar happens with my memorized spell?


  1. Just one. Scribe obs for spells are included with individual spell descriptions.

  2. I imagine nothing. The only requirement for scribing a scroll is that you know it, so you don’t necessarily have to have a spell memorized to scribe it.

You do need it memorized for a prayer…but it doesn’t say anything about it being expended, so it seems safe to assume you keep it memorized.

Oh yeah, totally forgot about clerics being able to scribe. But, yeah, I’m with you. I think in either case memorized spells stay memorized.

I hope 2) is without the loss of a memorized spell, but as you copy it from your traveling spellbook - and using spells from the traveling spellbook unmemorized uses them up - it could be that you have to pay your scroll by using the spell. As you get another spell after camp/town phase this is normally a technical question. If the spell needs to be memorized you have to pull your punches during adventure phase to get a spell for scroll scribing.

1): Some skill factors up the Ob for more people/rations/items. Would be nice to get you a failed scholar test :wink:


You do not lose a memorized spell when you scribe a scroll.

In the Torchbearer game I ran last week the Elf decided to scribe a scroll of Eldritch Dart for the Magician to use and the Magician scribed a scroll of Dance of the Fireflies for the Elf. They each helped each other out. They each failed. So I let them make their scrolls, but they both pissed each other off with their back-seat scribing so they both took the Angry condition :smiley:

How many scrolls can a scribbling scribe scribble when a scroll-scribbling scribe scribbles scrolls?

There are no factors for scribing multiple scrolls, so one scroll per test!