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Further to several discussion on the out-of-date BWR books, I feel that one of the main useful things missing from this forum is BWG scripting advice. There’s several “Point is best” DoW arguments, where people suggest a particular script set. And there’s the age-old “Do whatever fits want your character would do”.

But I’m a dirty munchkin, and want lovely advice about how to make my PCs wail in DoW, bleed in Fight! and never, ever, get off lightly in R&C (in fact, I really could do with advice on all of RnC; I don’t know how to run it well).

So, further to this:

For all Conflicts:

  1. Which Scripts do you think work, and why?
  2. Which Scripts were awesome to use, and why?
  3. Which Scripts/Actions should you shy away from, and why?

For my $0.02, against Risen Corpses, if you have the positioning advantage, just Set,GreatStrike/Block/Set or variations thereof. They’re not quick enough to give you pause, and by the end of the exchange you can probably regain your advantage. If you can’t Great Strike, switching to Aggressive Stance and making your pause action more difficult still works.

There’s this thing called roleplaying. I recommend that.

But then there are times when only munchkin-isms will suffice. In those cases spam strikes from longest with a spear until the enemy manages to position closer, then position further away while striking in between.

:smiley: It’s not the MOST effective, but it works consistently against all enemies except other spear bearers. That’s why you also carry an axe. Move closer, and spam. Get high perception to always get the jump on enemies, and you basically can’t die accept against grey shade reflexes or monstrous trolls.

Also, it’s not a script really, but anything with daggers/knives against armored enemies.

Just no. Try beating 4-6 dice with an obstacle set at one. And then when you finally succeed score an incidental.

Moxie, are you playing BWR or BWG? That strategy worked in BWR, but it’s much less effective in BWG.

In DoW, play coy and then script Dismiss/Point/Dismiss. The Point is only there incase they Obfuscate you in V1. You’ll probably lose, but you’ll scare the crap out of them and get a hefty compromise.

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I’ve found weapon length differences of over 1 get a bit much, but that all you need for a good swordsman to beat a spear user is a clear Beat. Knock them into disadvantage (once you’re both relatively skilled, this does get hard, but between FoRKs and the +1 from two hands it’s surmountable) and suddenly their spamming is somewhat reduced in effectiveness.

But in several other points, Beat has been horrible. Like against bow users. The +3Ob has been making it really hard to get close enough to make them bleed.

BWG of course.

And that’s why you carry a battleaxe as well.

If you have a good Power, Lock is my favorite thing ever. Lock and a knife.

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A B6 Sorcery, Will, and Forte backed up by Fire Fan and Arcane Kindness spells can help in most situations.