Seasonal Mouse Guard

Hi all,
Going to be running a one-off MG game for my wednesday group, and because its the last game of the year for us, the remit is to do something seasonal. This is what I’ve come up with so far…

[i]Each year, in townships and cities throughout the Territories, it is traditional for mouse families and communities to gather together for a celebration of the year ending and to auger in the new year. A huge meal is prepared and presents are exchanged, with it being a time of kinship and giving thanks for making it through another year.

As winter deepens and the snow rises outside Lockhaven, armies of mice working in teams around the clock furiously attempt to keep the gates open for as long as possible, but soon the hard work will be in vain as more and more snow settles against the great doors of the Guard headquarters and they can no longer be opened. Only the spring thaw will release Lockhaven from its isolation and woe-betide anymouse not safely tucked up in the warmth and safety of a mouse town.

Within Lockhaven (and across the Territories) mice organise themselves around family and friends, preparing for the Solstice celebrations to come as countless child-mice hover expectantly around the hearth poking, prodding and shaking the securely-wrapped presents piled high. However, not all the presents have arrived as the last caravan carrying the post has failed to return to Lockhaven, and the snow is getting worse.

Gwendolin gathers the Guard and asks for volunteers to brave the onslaught of winter to find and return with the lost caravan before the gates are secured. She is also concerned because the caravan carries orphans rescued from a fire at their orphanage who are being brought to Lockhaven until they can be found new homes, and she knows the vulnerable mice will not survive a winter out in the snow.

A desperate rescue mission against the clock to locate a missing caravan full of orphans and mail, before Lockhaven is locked down for the winter. Step up. Be a mouse.[/i]

Hazards will include weather and beasties.

Now the big thing I want to get across is the time element. Kind of like a countdown whereby dally too long and the gates are closed due to the weather.

I was thinking allowing only 2-3 weather twists, with the last twist Lockhaven being locked down.



Those are very reasonable parameters for your twists.

That’s lovely John.

I especially like that the caravan is not merely full of prezzies, but rather that it is full of prezzies and wee orphans. Way to ratchet it up, love it.

What is your first Obstacle going to be?

Is it too much to ask that Really Tiny Tim, the crippled orphan from Port Sumac, be in the caravan? The reference would be seasonal :slight_smile:


Just be ready with lots of eggnog if your group are bad players.