Seeing through a disguise

Hi All,

Disguise questions here.

  1. If i make my disguise role, does it mean i fool anyone and everyone regardless of their perception?

  2. The easiest disguise out there is to disguise yourself as the opposite gender. If Bob want Jim not to recognize him, he makes an ob 1 test to disguise himself as the voluptuous Bobette, does Jim now not recognize him?


Your successes count as the Obstacle characters need to beat to see through your disguise. For instance, if you’re trying to sneak into a harem and trick the guards, that’s a Vs test. That said, if there’s no reason to be suspicious, like you character is merely walking through crowded streets with nothing at stake, it’s a Say Yes moment.

So for your example, if Bob succeeds at an Ob1 Disguise test to look female, then Jim only needs 1 success on Observation/2 on Perception to see through the disguise. Pretty easy!

The way I’ve always seen it played is that a successful Disguise test negates any penalties to Inconspicuous for being the wrong gender/class/race, with failure meaning that not only do you get the full penalties, but you also get hit with an aditional +1 Ob for “garrish or inappropriate dress”.

In other words, a Disguise test linked to Inconspicuous.

Tyrs, the way I’ve always played it is that when Alice says she wants to put on a disguise that it’s a Say Yes moment right until Bob tries to recognize her (or does some other opposed disguise action). I then rewind time, have Alice roll her Disguise dice, and have Bob attempt his Observation. The Disguise successes will now ride until until something changes, effectively taking the place of the previous Yes answer that I gave. Don’t pre-roll to generate Disguise successes on the off-chance that someone will oppose them, let the fact that they successfully put on a disguise ride until the situation changes.