With races/creatures like Mukhadish and Kerrn, why did you decide to simplify this aspect of the game and not have shades? I could definitely see them with a Gray Power.

I got both Faith Conquers and Sheva’s War Wednesday night, but I hadn’t gotten a chance to start reading it until this afternoon. I have very little experience reading comics, but so far I really like what I’ve read. It seems very dark and futuristic. It kind of reminds me of that Harrison Ford movie, Blade Runner - very cool. 8)

This could make a real kick-ass movie.

Awesome, Tony! I’m glad you like them. They are some of my favorites.

Honestly, I decided to make everything black shade for one reason: simplicity. But I back that decision up with my previous observation, Iron Empires is a gritty, brutal universe. In it, heroes are not mythic creatures of supernormal ability. They are individuals who choose to take a stand. That choice alone births a hero in Iron Empires. The darkness, grit and tragedy is born in turn from that hero’s frailty – the decision is made, but will he live to see it done?!


Tell me Durgil who needs Grey power when you have Iron, lasers, plasma rifles, tanks and spaceships? :wink:
For me it would be an awful waste of your stat pool to invest in something that’s not gonna get used at all - remeber we have firefight rules now, no more locks , great strikes or Hands of Iron for You :wink:

As Dro obliquely pointed out, your character’s stats play a slightly different role in Burning Empires than they do in Burning Wheel. And that role supports them not being anything but black shade.


Sure, there’s no use for Gray Power, but what about a Gray Will? ::drool::