Shield ~ Weapon Stats

OK, I’m at a loss here. I posted this in the Errata thread earlier, but dunno what to do with it.

On page 483 of the BWG book, it lists the following stats for shields when used as a weapon in combat:

Bucklers and target shields: Power 1, VA --, WS 2, shortest
Heaters and great shields: Power 2, VA --, WS 1, short

But on page 555, the following stats are given in the table “Miscellaneous Weapon Gear”:

Shield: Power 1, Add 2, VA --, WS 1, short

Which stats to use? Is the “shield” entry in the Miscellaneous Weapon Gear table meant to be a generic listing for all shields, or does it describe some sort of weapon add-on (a spiked crossguard or something to that effect)? And if we are to use the stats on page 483, what is the Add for the two categories of shields?

I’m capable of making a GM call on this for my own campaign (unless told otherwise, will probably go with the stats on pg 483, Add 2 for all), but I need to know what should be put on the GM sheet I am making. I am trying to keep the sheet as official as possible. As such, it’d be nice to get an official ruling on this, but if that’s not possible, speak up, Burners, and I’ll go with whatever seems to be the majority vote!

I would allow any player choosing a shield to choose between the stats on page 483 or 555 and run with those stats for that specific shield’s presence in the game.

The player can justify why it is as it is.

This counts for GM characters too.

I suppose that could work, but I’m not going to put contradictory information on the GM sheet I’m making. It’s gonna have to be one or the other.

I have a suspicion that the stats on page 483 are the correct ones…

me too.

Is it planned that shields from non-human races going on the screen? The Black Iron Shield has an error in the book, and we’ve been treating it like a Heater with a VA1.

I’ve been. Considering it. What’s the error with the black iron shield?

Black Iron shield BWG p242
Listed Stats are: 3D Shield bonus, Pow2, Add2, VA1, Slow. Short,
We pondered if the WS should be 1 or 2, but stuck with 1 for the larger shields, and figured it would be about right for it to be as slow as a footmans axe in the BWG charts.