Shipment Status

Still no word on my shipment. I backed signed and stamped. Any updates? Thanks.

Ditto–no survey; no shipping info. I’m concerned that the wrong address might have been used, as I moved in April.

Christmas came early for me yesterday! Just got my book. Lovely.

I am assuming, based on their previous “shipping 100 a day,” that no one should bitch until 10/25. After that, FULL FRANCIS.

All regular copies have shipped for backers (who filled out their surveys when I asked for them).
All four on the floor orders have shipped.

I think we should finish up the rest of the signed and stamped and drollustrated copies this week.

Would it screw up the system for shipping if you just held on to copies for folks that are going to be at Burning Con? I’d be fine with saving you the shipping, but I’d understand if that would just add something extra to keep track of and be a pain.

What Jeremiah said. I’m flying out your way on Thursday night. I’m happy to pick up my copy at the con if it doesn’t create administrative headaches.


What should we do if there seems to be a problem with our shipment? I remember filling out the survey and submitting it but never received anything so there may have been an error in there somewhere. Though I’ll also be at BurningCon so could iron it out there.

Mine arrived yesterday!

Signed, stamped and illustrated copies shipped later than regular orders. Regular orders only finished shipping last Friday, so there’s still no reason to worry!

Yeah I totally forgot that I got a signed copy. Sorry about that!

My friend who was unlucky enough to not get a signed copy is taunting me for the brief duration that he has a book and I do not.

Compare that brief duration to the eternal taunting you can do once your copy comes in.

THANK YOU, Luke and Thor! My copy (73) arrived on Saturday and was loving fondled when I should have been hack SQL scripts. :slight_smile:

Now, to learn how to plan longer than two rooms! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just to close the circle, I did get my copy. Much thanks to Thor and Luke and everyone else involved in producing this. If you’re planning any future Kickstarter campaigns for future products, I’m all over it.

Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad it arrived.

#9, checking in! I may have pictures up later.

Mine is in as well. Thanks so much for all the time and energy put into making this great game.