shipping time?

Just wondering what the shipping times are like for the Torchbearer book. I live in Canada. Also, how does it arrive - as a package at the house, or at the post office? Sorry very specific I know :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Ty,
We mail to the address you give us. Canada Post being what it is, shipping time can be 9-90 days.


Canadian customs loves to stop random things at the custom house and hold it there. Do make sure you take phone calls from odd numbers in case that happens to your books.

–Not with BWHQ, but has shipped stuff to Canada several times.

Thanks for the advice! Is there any way to get a tracking number on it? I’m hoping to get it in time for a christmas present :wink:

…or are there any retailers who sell it in Canada? For example, any bookstores I could order it from instead of from the website, that might have more certain shipping times? Thanks again!

The Lion Rampant shipment of TB books was lost due to UPS. They haven’t reordered yet, so it could be a while.

And unfortunately, there are no international tracking numbers for the USPS to Canada Post transfer. You’ll just have to roll the dice.