Size Change (Larkins Spell Book)

Size Change: Ob 4^, 9 Actions
Origin: Personal
Area of Effect: Caster
Elements: Animal, Earth
Impetus: Control
Duration: Sustained
Resource Points: 16

Spell allows caster and all he carries to change to a different size (Stature) with all of the benefits and drawbacks such stature would bring.
Meeting the spell obstacle (4) allows a normal sized (Middling) caster to change their stature to either Diminutive or Massive.
Increasing the obstacle by one (Ob 5)
allows the caster to change their stature to either Small or the lower half of Gigantic.
Increasing the obstacle by two (Ob 6) allows the caster to change their stature to either Tiny or the upper half of Gigantic.
(The new size must be chosen before casting, and remains throughout the spells duration.)

Straightforward abstraction, no sigils.

I’d have probably used the Enhance impetus, and not bothered with the Earth element, but I think that this works too.

Cool Spell! I hope you keep making more of these.

I used Control as it allows you to change the shape of the elements where as Enhance will strengthen the elements. Earth allows all that he carries to change too.