Skill Types

Hi all,

I recently purchased BWG and have a question regarding skills. Each skill belongs to a skill type, for example, “Martial”, “Special” etc. Is there a finite list of skill types? I can’t seem to find one in the book. Alternatively, are they just loose categories, meaning you could in theory add a new skill type to the game?


The skill types are used in the advancement section for practice times and the time of a test section. There is a miscellaneous category which is a bit of a catch all.

They come into play in some of the Magic Burner content.

I don’t think a lot hinges on the skill type if you make clear the practice cycle. If you aren’t using a Magic Burner magic system that utilises skill types I don’t see that there would be any problem at all.

Check out the Practice list. It gives all of the skill types.