Skogenby, possession and severed limbs.

Hi all, my first time posting on the forums.

Tonight I ran The Dread Crypt of Skogenby as a oneshot for my regular gaming group and an interesting scenario cropped up.

I had Haathor-Vash attempt to possess the player with the silver arm ring, in this case it was Beren the Dwarf.

To cut a long story short Beren failed his test and became possessed. He was wearing the silver arm ring and I thought it would be fun to pay homage to Evil Dead 2 and describe his hand getting possessed first. My player immediately shot back “can I chop off my arm?”

I felt that I should respect the outcome of the roll and say no he couldn’t chop it off himself, but his party members could.

So the rest of the party then wrestled him to the ground and chopped off his forearm, and it was here that I became a little stumped on how to handle the situation.

My ruling was this; Beren took the injured status and also took a new trait “missing-limb”. I also let everyone know that he would bleed out unless attended to (was this too mean?).

I’m not sure how kosher my ruling was. My players didn’t mind, but I’m curious how others might have handled this.


Seems legit to me. Being injured means that the GM can impose the Dead condition on you on a failed roll.

Proposed rules in the comments for a maimed character:

To wit:

Max Health reduced by 1.
Lose one inventory slot (for a hand)
Take a level 1 trait.

Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles has rules for hook hands!

Ahh this is great! Thanks both of you :slight_smile: