Slings in Inventory - Player's Deck vs. Book

Quick question regarding the inventory requirements of a sling:

From page 41 of The Book:

A sling is kept in the pouch along with small rocks as ammunition. Ammunition is not tracked, it merely takes up an inventory slot and can be lost through a twist.

From the Sling Card in the Player’s Deck:

Inventory: Belt/weapon and carried 1

I’m assuming that what’s intended here is that even if you’re holding the sling, the ammunition continues to occupy space in your inventory. However, whereas The Book explicitly states that you can stow the sling itself in the rock-pouch, the card seems to imply that you cannot. I’m inclined to run with The Book’s version, but thought I would put the question to the community of experts, sages and Ones-who-are-Wise-in-the-Ways-of-the-Word.


It’s totally kosher to stow your sling in your pouch.

I agree! We are in agreement!

Sling Headband!

But yeah, the card just means you carry it in one hand or stow it in your belt’s weapon slot.

Hey Simon.

I think you need to consider more places to store your slings.

Let Lindybeige show you the way:

Thank you for the introduction!

Now I can spend the next 45 minutes watching sling videos on the internet! Some in slo-motion! Balearic Slingers galore!

This guy. I love him, but he plays fast and loose with a lot of facts and assumptions.
Frex, Cortez and company wore steel helmets and padded jacks or buff coats. Maybe a few had steel cuirass. That’s why the sling stones hurt.

Sling stones don’t need to hit you in the head/chest to be affective.

Hard to use a sword or gun with a broken shoulder/arm/hand.

I think we can all agree that, no matter what you’re wearing, marching in the swamp through a hail of egg sized rocks is a deeply unpleasant experience.

What style of slinging do you guess halflings would favor? I’m inclined to think that the compact “Greek” style is most suited to their anatomy.

I’d definitely like to see clever laborers or weavers incorporating slings into odd places in their kits.
It still requires a slot for ammo, but I like his point that it’s easy to keep one around as a last ditch weapon.