small bunny guards...

So I have a player that loves rabbits and would like to play one in the mouse guard setting, any suggestions? I’m thinking some small mouse like bunnies to keep with the flow…

Alternatively, you might look to this thread:

…for some inspiration.

I read that one, but the players could not handle a lack of aposable thumbs.:rolleyes:

Can’t handle the lack opposable thumbs but still wants to play a rabbit?


(According to the Firefox spellchecker, “opposable” isn’t a word. Huh.)

well the mice can use their hands as humans do…

Oh yeah, I never thought of that. Crazy mutant mice. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Mice? Time to post a hack.)

Does your player want to play a rabbit with human hands? I’m totally picturing Roger Rabbit. Not sure how to do character creation for that though.


To simulate mouse dexterity, tape your thumb down to the palm. You’ll be amazed just how good that really is. (I had rats as pets for years… they use their palm as a thumb.

no. I think It will have to be rabbits with mouse/people hands… that stand on two legs and can talk. but other than that I’m just stuck on whether they should be their own society or integrated with the mice, hmm.
then there’s the matter of doing nature and other stuff.

If the player only has issue with the cosmetic idea of playing a mouse and wants, instead, to play a rabbit, just keep everything the same and say he’s a rabbit. Otherwise, you’re looking at a hack to change Nature and a bunch of other things.