So I'm about to hull a GMFON

I see no reason why Fred should lose his FON status. If a human FON is hulled, he’s obviously under Vaylen control. He can do whatever the Vaylen want, but he doesn’t become a Vaylen FON.

Luke, totally agree with your reasoning, in no small part because it supports my decision in our game and means I didn’t screw myself. :evil:

So, a FON on the human side will be demoted to a non-FON if he gets hulled, but a FON on the Vaylen side will retain FON status if he gets hulled.

And just to be clear: A Vaylen Figure of Note will continue to act as a FON regardless of the body he’s wearing, right? I.e. my Vaylen spymaster can slip into his ksatriyen battle-form and he’ll still be a FON?


Yes, FON status is worm-dependent. The key is not to have a Vaylen-Vaylen FON hull a Human-Vaylen FON. Doing that knocks one of your FON slots out of the picture. Believe me, kids. It may seem like a good idea, but it’s not. Trust me. This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?

See, I think this is where the confusion lies: FON status is not worm-dependent, based on the Freddy example above. He has no worm but is a FON. He’s given an encoded worm. He’s still a FON.

It seems to me, rather, that FON status is player dependent, since it’s a construction of the mechanics and storyline and not of canonical setting details.


It is what it is. But you’re right, FONs are a contruct of the game, not the fiction. (Though they simulate the fiction.)

I’m just sayin’, pedantically speaking, if identity travels with the worm and being a Figure of Note is attached to one’s identity, having a non-Figure of Note identity take over a Figure of Note’s identity would overwrite the FON, turning him into a non-FON.

Except that, as Chris has pointed out, the worm is also that FON now. Which is why I was trying to work through the logic of the whole thing by suggesting that worms aggregate identities rather than destroy them.

The game fiction adds a wacky wrinkle to what would otherwise be a very cleancut situation.



i think perhaps you are overanalyzing the existential side of the vaylan threat. the idea of a FON is that they can effect large masses of people (quantified in game-terms by disposition). a given FON can still effect large masses of people whether or not he has a worm ‘driving the wheel’ or the original human psyche. the agenda’s will be slightly different, but the all encompassing ‘world-effecting’ power that is the basis of FON status remains the same.

the maneuver roll, (for the most part) will always be made with the best skill available for the job by the FON. the extra shudren bodies raely have that skill, but if they do, then let them use them. it’s still the FON’s agenda…

as luke said, the only time you screw yourself as GM is when you hull a human GM-FON with the Vaylan GM-FON cuz you lose the ability to help between those two entitites because they have become one entity with one agenda…

and only a foolish malocle-fucker would screw himself that way

Me? Overanalyzed? Perish the thought! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Shuttin’ up now,