Social Instinct

I’ve been trying to write an instinct that interacts with the social systems, as a way of getting a better grasp of good instincts, and have been struggling with the following instinct:

  • When confronted, always blame a scapegoat.
  • When confronted, always have someone else to blame.

I’ve rephrased a couple different ways, but that’s the core gist of what I’m trying to get at. I think this is a workable instinct, and one that could come back to haunt the player. Yes?

Now, the question becomes how that would interact with the mechanics. A retroactive circles test to identify the patsy? Some sort of interaction with the DoW mechanics (maybe related to an Obfuscate maneuver)? Something else?

Anyone have suggestions on how you would apply a similar instinct?

My guess: a bunch of falsehood tests to convince the other party that the scapegoat is responsible, and not you.

Sure, or a Duel of Wits, or etc. What I’m not sure about is what effect the Instinct has on the whole situation.

That looks like an artha mine rather than a macro. It’s not something you can do that you couldn’t without the instinct, it’s a behavior that’ll get you into trouble as you turn and point fingers.

I would phrase the instinct as one of the two:

Always pass the blame.


Never accept blame.

I don’t think you need then when/if clause here, as this will only come up when there is a situation where fault is being assigned already. I see lots of Persuasion and Falsehood tests in your future.
Never accept blame.