Some Questions

On it says the pdf is £9 for 4 pages. Can someone confirm that’s just a typo?

I know TB is about dungeon delving and the horrors that can ensue, but what if I wanted to set a particular session of play in a city/town/village/wilderness? I assume I’d miss out on a lot of the default rules of play, but would it be worth doing?

TB sounds great but it also sounds like a pc killer. Can pcs succeed, or is it all blood guts and cave ins?

I know the rules are different, but can you use TB to run the old classic dungeon crawls like the Temple of Elemental Evil etc?


Ha! Certainly more than 4 pages.

Torchbearer can do city/town/village/wilderness, but only in the sense that you’re someplace dangerous and time is against you. Intrigue and romance and whatever don’t really work, though.

PCs can succeed, and death is relatively uncommon (though not unheard of). Really, death is a mercy, because after a difficult session your characters are probably exhausted, sick, injured, angry, afraid and missing a bunch of the gear they came out with. But that gets a bit better as the PCs (and players) gain experience.

I believe that somebody is already doing ToEE. HERE.

So, there you go.

Thanks Ludanto

About the only negative there is TB not being able to accommodate intrigue. I quite like a bit of intrigue

Well, in its defense most D&D-like games don’t do intrigue. When it happens at all, it usually avoids the system entirely anyway, since encumbrance, to-hit bonuses, saving throws, hit points and all of that have almost no bearing on talking to NPCs. So, I suppose you could try it anyway. You’ll just mostly be playing around the rules rather than in it for the most part. I don’t care for that personally, but I’m narrow-minded that way. :slight_smile:

Torchbearer is focused on dungeoneering. If you want that other stuff, I’d recommend Burning Wheel.

Ok thanks all for the info