Something up for group review

Seeing as C.Moeller mentions Marc Miller’s Traveller as one of the major inspirations for Iron Empires, I decided to port one of my favorite Traveller modules to BE. I’ve posted it on the wiki ( but refrained from tying it into any indexes becasue I want to get a response to any glaring gamebreakers/ stupids I may have thrown in during my first World Burning, etc.
No character/ FoN stats yet, but I think there’s quite a bit to go on already.

Very cool. That’d make an excellent one shot.

Thanks! Glad to hear it. :slight_smile:

Ooo! Dagger at Efate! A classic!

I think it looks like a great port, SW. Makes me want to go dig out my Traveller books…


Yeah, I was reading the 'Ography and your notes on Burning Empires… and I jumped at the chance to bring back that great Traveller stuff. There was so much good material there, it’s a pity that the PCs were always so ‘small-scale’ in the universe. With BE, they are practically FORCED to change the world, and so the Traveller stuff can really shine to its full potential, I think.