Sorcery buffed!

Before when you sustained a spell it used one of your will die and you then couldn’t use that will die for casting other spells. Now when you sustain a spell it uses a will die but since you don’t add your will dice to your sorcery anymore it’s not as big a deal.

Breaks out a new character

Instinct 1 Cast turn aside the blade every morning
Instinct 2 Cast Dexterity of the Cat every morning
Instinct 3 Cast Eldritch Shield every morning.
Instrinct 4 (If I could have it) Avoid DoW’s (since I just lowered my will by 3 every morning)

Well, it does lower the IMS damage of any Destroy facet spells you cast (which are Will + X depending on the spell). We have two sorcerers in our current campaign. One has nothing but “buff” spells to boost stats or protect himself and others, so he loads up every morning. The other is a combat sorcerer who likes to smash things with White Fire, but he still loads up with two or three “buff” spells before going into conflicts (Turn Aside the Blade, Horse’s Stride, and the Spider Climb one, whatever it’s called–making him a Positioning nightmare in Fight or R&C). He considers the decreased damage worth it, but it is a cost.

But it’s the same cost as was in BWR if I recall correctly. So the buff is that sustained spells don’t take away from your casting pool anymore.

I’m pretty sure spell damage is not reduced from sustaining spells.

Huh. I’ll have to recheck that. If it doesn’t, then I’ve been doing it wrong.

I don’t know that there’s a rule expressly saying “Sorcery damage is not reduced when you set aside Will dice to sustain.” However, there is a rule saying that you factor spell damage like weapon damage; since weapon damage is not reduced by wound penalties or missing Power dice, I would say that Sorcery damage is similarly not reduced by wound penalties or missing Will dice from sustained spells.