Spell: Death Mask

This spell is supposed to mimic Arcane Semblance, but a twisted version suitable to be found in a necromancer’s library.

Death Mask

Through this dark magic, the caster causes himself or another to take on the visage of the dead.

[li]Supplies for Death Mask: A burial shroud or mask.
[/li][li]Lore Master Ob to learn: 2
[/li][li]Scholar Ob to scribe as a scroll: 1
[/li][li]Scholar Ob to scribe into traveling spell book: 2

Death Mask Factors
Guise (Someone killed by your own hand is free): Someone well-known to you; someone previously met (includes Conflicts); someone described to you secondhand; someone out of legend
State (current state is free): As the dead appeared in life; greater state of putrefaction
Breadth (Self is free): Person touched by caster
Duration: One turn, two turns, phase

Death Mask Effect
This spell causes the caster or another person to take on the semblance of another, who must be deceased. A clever mage can find many uses for this spell.

The new form must be humanoid and cannot make the subject taller or shorter by more than two feet. Weight, clothing and carried items may be altered, and do not need to match those of the imitated figure. If the caster wishes to only change his own appearance, do not use the Breadth factors. If the person being imitated is recently dead, there may be no difference between the victim’s current state and how they appeared in life, depending on how they died.

Because the aura of this spell reeks of death, the disposition of a group whose captain is under the influence of this spell is doubled for any Convince or Trick conflicts with undead.


Very clever spell! I can see this driving my players to murder quite a few people… :slight_smile:

Just to make it especially evil, how about making “someone killed by your own hand” free as a Guise factor?

That is a definite improvement. Making the change.

Valar morghulis

That little tweak makes so much difference. That’s really colorful and interesting.

Very neat!
Another fun breadth factor: corpse touched by caster (change a corpse to look like someone else).