"Spell Matrix" Question

Working on a double spell matrix with sustainer to hold “Arcane Kindness”, and “Force of Will” in either a Circlet, Amulet, or Ring.
Each spell would have multiple uses (rechargeable) and the item would be enchanted over the course of many adventures (modular), beginning as a sustainer for the Arcane Kindness spell, then adding the Matrix for Arcane Kindness, finally adding the Matrix for Force of Will.
I am considering having all Force of Will victims freed from its influence if the Recharge DoF ever comes up as a one (indicating item has lost its power).
I would like other suggestions on conditions to add to this, as well as possible titles (leaning towards “Circlet of Command”, but I’m not totally convinced yet)
Also, as designed (on paper) this would eventually allow the character (or anyone who could use it) the ability to enthral someone with a two action mental trigger, thus altering their belief in the same amount of time it takes to draw a weapon (dangerous stuff) so I question if it should even be allowed in the first place (despite the fact that it fits the fiction and is exactly the type of thing a wizard would attempt to do).