Spending checks on a roll when helping

I could have sworn I saw this somewhere recently, but can’t find it.

Let’s say an ally is using Cartographer to map something and I give him a helping die by using my Scholar skill and then spend a check. Do I earn advancement for Cartographer or Scholar?

As I read the rule, you “log a test for advancement for that roll”, so it is the active character’s skill that counts. In your example, you help with Scholar but log a success/failure for Cartographer.

This makes sense to me, as it means the helper is learning from a character who is stronger in that skill. It makes it a bit easier to log successes in skills you are weaker in, allowing you to advance your skill rank if you help someone who is better at it.

See https://plus.google.com/111342472907971228127/posts/KCSK4UZmYJ8

Thor says you get better at the skill you’re helping with. If your labouring to help an Alchemist test, you get better at labouring and not alchemy.

I think that’s the thread I originally saw but didn’t see Thor’s response. That helps a bunch and clears things up. Thanks.

Huh. Thanks for that - at least I’m not the only one who read it the other way!