Spirit Binding - Choosing Domains, Mediums and Spirit Marks OR Did I neuter myself

If this is in the wrong place, sorry.

I made a Noble Born- Neophyte Sorcerer- Rogue Wizard- Weather Witch and the GM approved switching Summoning with Spirit Binding. It seemed to fit better thematically with my character idea/concept. Well I don’t think I’m grasping Domains and Mediums correctly. I picked 4 for the 4 life paths.

[li]Heat of the Hearth (Fire)
[/li][li]Top of the Tower (Wind)
[/li][li]Salt of the Road (Earth)
[/li][li]Brine of the Sea (Water)
Spirit Marks
[li]Sand of the beach

Have I narrowed myself on Domains to much? I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what my mediums would be. I also have a Spirit Mark, but I’m thinking I limited myself to much on it also. Any advice would be appreciated.

I love the flavor of the names that you have given your domains but remember that the domains are supposed to be general names of geographic or architectural features encountered in the lifepath. So mechanically Salt of the Road would be Roads and Brine of the Sea would be Sea. Anywhere you encounter a road or a sea, you can try Spirit Binding there. Heat of the hearth sounds you are going for a domain of where you were raised and I believe manor house or the like is given as an example of a domain. Similarly, figure out the kind of wind you experienced on the Top of the Tower and play your domain as the generalized wind or storms or whatever.

Sand of the beach sounds fine to me provided you expect to be coastal for much of the adventure. Else I might go for something more general just so it comes into play more often.

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