Spirit Binding - contact a spirit you've contacted before?

Starting a new campaign, a player with a spirit binder character has the belief “I will prove I wasn’t responsible for the king’s death by finding the spirit I conjured and demanding answers.”

RAW, how might that work?

I could see…

  • any spirit with “reveal to me” will do just fine
  • any spirit which can grant an appropriate -wise like Spirit-wise or Assassination-wise or Death-wise or Royalty-wise, though the Ob for the -wise will be high
  • finding specific spirit is +1 Ob to regular spirit binding, then “reveal to me” for total Ob 4
  • as GM decide on a Spirit Binding Ob and use that
  • something involving a prison circle?

In general if the spirit isn’t Retributing, can someone call up the same spirit?