Spirit Nature... Locks? Pushes?

If some PCs have no Spirit Weapon, Sorcery, etc. that can harm something with Spirit Nature, can they affect it at all? Ropes don’t bind, but do PC Pushes scripted in Fight! push? Do locks lock? What are their options, if any?

Locks don’t lock, but I’d let Pushes push.

Interesting consequence to letting Pushes push… I bet if our troll thought there weren’t any offensive actions he could take he wouldn’t have taken that MW. Next session is 2 years later… :smiley:

You know, I’m vacillating on the Lock thing. I recall a campaign to hunt down a demon. They enlisted a giant to tackle him and sit on him while they drew a prison circle around him. I thought it was clever.

I mean, even if you’re holding on, it’s still burning you…and then what do you do with it? You can hold it forever!

In Genesis, Jacob wrestles with an angel at Penuel. They wrestle through the evening until dawn breaks. Unable to defeat Jacob and seeing that dawn has come, the angel touches Jacob upon his hip and puts his hip socket out of joint. But Jacob won’t relent. He tells the angel that he won’t release the hold until the angel blesses him.

The angel agrees and renames Jacob as Israel, “He Who Struggles with God.”

Nice pull, Thor.

If it comes up again, I think I’d have Locks be allowed but a simple Assess and something crazy like appropriate-wise versus untrained Will allow the being with Spirit Nature to completely ignore the Lock.

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