Stay fresh!

Set to play my first session soon, and as a player I’ve been thinking about the Fresh condition and hungry/thirsty.

As far as I interpret the rules, the adventurers will become hungry/thristy on the fourth Turn and will then lose the Fresh condition provided they’ve stayed out of trouble that far. I have two thoughts on this:

  1. Is it possible to eat or drink something right away to alleviate your thirst or hunger, and thus avoid losing the Fresh condition?
  2. Is it possible to eat or drink “pre-emptively” on the third Turn, and somehow avoid becoming hungry/thirsty on the fourth?

In the end this will of course be up to our GM, but I’d be really interested in hearing what you guys think.

The only way to avoid Hungry/Thirsty is to make Camp after the 3rd Turn. That resets the Turn counter. As long as Bad Things don’t happen to you in the Camp you’ll get another 3 Turns in Adventure mode with Fresh before you have to Camp again (or, return to Town…which as far as I can tell you can retain your Fresh condition during).

I think the intention is that you get 4 and only 4 turns of Fresh… assuming you are lucky during those first 4 turns.

edit: oh right, what Dwight said. Though a good (read: evil) GM would never give the players enough wiggle room to camp after the third turn. Also without making survival checks there’s a chance your fourth turn camp will be a disaster.

I suspect it isn’t so much an issue. In those 3 Turns someone needed to get a Check (you can’t Camp without at least 1 check to spend). Plus when you Camp there is always at least a slight chance of a Bad Thing happening. It is sort of a hassle and a risk trade-off. Plus eventually everyone is going to lose their Fresh condition, anyway, after a couple Camp cycles unless they are on an amazing streak of luck. Or potentially because the GM is Twist crazy and refuses to turn player’s failure into success + Condition.

Dwight is correct. I had a character stay fresh through 12 turns that way on Saturday. It’s not easy! It requires good planning and a lot of luck. GMs that like twists don’t hurt.


I have a tangentially related question but going to break it out into a new thread: