stealing in town..

Our groups less than scrupulous halfling burglar wanted to try his criminal skill to obtain some stuff in town…

Town phase says you can’t take actions and checks can only be used for helping xp…

How best tip handle this?

You can attend to personal business, and your personal business can be stealing from people, +1 lifestyle. Basically every miscellaneous action you want to take in town, instead of being a turn or a check, is +1 lifestyle.

jovialbard has it exactly.

Very good; dont’ know why I didn’t pick up on that.

Speaking of town questions…

Do all the rolls get settled at the end; once final lifestyle has been determined?

I.e. do you roll for say… recovery tests… at the “end” of the town phase. Or can you do it mid-town phase and that may inform your later town phase actions?

You settle your bills at the end, when you’re leaving. The individual recovery rolls happen at the time you are allowed to make them.


Any by “at the time you are allowed to make them” I believe he means…

checks for recovery: just before entering town
recovery from lodging: when you choose your lodging and start staying there
purchased prayers and scrolls and such: when you buy / use them
healing received from party members: when they do so as part of personal business

Just wanted to make sure that’s clear, you don’t have to wait until the end to do all your recovery.