Street Performance "Tools"

You can bang on a piano or blow into a whistle and get recognizable notes in minutes. Within probably a day you could manage to eke out a tune. High art? No, but you’d make music. On the far end of the scale, I don’t think Cirque du Soleil’s jugglers put in much less training and effort than expert musicians.

Ok. That sounds reasonable for the intent of making money. That or something with conspicuous to hold the crowd.

Clearly you’ve never played an instrument. Also, whistles only have one note. They don’t count.

But in all seriousness, why would juggling ever matter in BW? Right? (I’m saying that now, but in a week a campaign will have a massive juggling battle with demons and dragons. That’s just how life works, I guess.)

The tin whistle is not a one-note instrument. And I do play an instrument: the recorder, which is infamous for being played (poorly) by elementary school children who pick it up and make very loud but recognizably musical sounds very quickly. The way I play it is not the way they play it, and required a lot more practice and training, but that’s the point I’m trying to make.

The all seriousness I’m going for is that it also seems highly unlikely that pottery would matter. Or brewing. Or ditch-digging. BW is full of “useless” skills. I question the assumption that juggling is somehow less skill-worthy. I mean, it’s not something you can just do literally as a matter of instinct and basic muscle control, which is more than can be said for Climbing or Throwing.

…And all that said, I’m really not sure the game needs a Juggling skill. Probably fine to count Speed tests and open it if you really want to be good at it, but I, too, fail to see what situation would really drive that.

I just need to state that we’ve used Ditch-Digging on multiple occassions to alter the campaign in our uber-powered Burning THAC0 game.

My point being is that the game needs a Juggling skill.

Ah. The penny whistle, as it is more commonly known.


I think in all honesty, we can agree in that at the core of this rather petty disagreement, all that matters is that any of these options function equally well in any number of circumstances that will never actually come up, and that while ditch-digging is a fun and rather silly skill with lots of flavor, the majority of these skills won’t be found in play anytime soon. This is not because juggling is a useless skill to have, but rather that in most cases where juggling would be used seriously, it is a matter of the ordinary, things that would more than likely be part of the Lifepaths, and not of the mold-breaking game play BW tends to encourage.

Basically, speed, a juggling skill, agility, and any other option are all really achieving the same thing. In the rare case that one uses juggling, as long as there’s something you can test, we’ll all enjoy BW just as much.

I take everything back. I was wrong.


Any BWG skill expertise is determined by its shade and exponent, and to get there usually takes time and artha expenditure. (Every Professional was first an Amateur) and while some skills like juggling may never show up in most games, they can be important in others.
Every performance skill that we currently have (sing, instruments, actIng, oratory, persuasion, ect.) depend upon will in their roots to impress the masses. It seems reasonable to do the same here.
Juggling (Will/Agl) tools yes
Acrobatics (Will/Spd) tools no
Sword Swallowing (Will/Fort)
Fire Eating/Breathing (Will/Fort)
A “Magician” (performance sense) is really just an actor using a specific skill set.
Animal Acts are already covered by existing skills.

(Traveling with the circus is a great way for a wizard on the run to hide in plain sight as a trickster)

Thats the one, larkin.

Thanks to all for your help in working this out.
Much Appreciated!