Survey question: number of players?

OK, time is creeping closer to the start of the BE campaign I am going to run and I have a question (or two) for other BE gm’s out there:

How many players do you have in your games and how long (on average) are your sessions (assuming 1 maneuver/session)?

I ask becuase my group is going to consist of myself and 6 players. I know we will probably be slower than normal at first while we build familiarity with a new game. But my concern is that (once we’re up to speed) everyone get their allotted number of building scenes (at a minimum). I am just looking for some ballpark numbers to see if our average session length (5 hours, not counting what I call the ‘warm up’ and ‘cool down’ periods at the start & end of the session) is going to be enough to get through 1 maneuver with that many players.

I am aware the players can (and I imagine probably will) combine building scenes. And unless I missed something I know there is nothing saying the players have to each use their available color and interstitial scenes. But I do imagine with the ‘scene squeeze’ that we will probably use all the building & conflict scenes we can.

Assuming we have 4 figures of note (two per side) and 6 players: Per maneuver I expect to be looking at 3 conflict scenes (the average of 2-4), 4 player building scenes (assuming some combinations occur), and 1 gm building scene (assuming I use a figure of note to start a conflict scene). I’m not sure what to expect for color and interstitial scenes from the players, though I anticipate using both my 2 (total combined) per sesssion.

Most games seem to assume a gm and 4 or fewer players. I am lucky enough (or is it cursed…) to have to limit my games to no more than 6 players and myself, and in my experience I have to do at least some adjusting for that many players.

Four players. 3x human FoN, 1x human extra dude. I’m GMing, 3x Vaylen FoN.

Each session runs about 4 hours. We’re getting one maneuver/session, due to (maybe overlong?) interstitials. Until the players find their feet, I’m only pushing one GMFoN’s agenda per maneuver, and having my other two do low-key stuff, or nothing, with their scenes.

Good luck with the BIG game. I’m also looking at running a 6-player game, but we’re thinking about a full-on 3v3 hatefest, with an impartial GM to referee the proceedings.


My group is 4, 1 GM and 3 players, but as of late we’ve only had 2 players. Assuming Duels of Wits for conflict scenes, or perhaps simpler Firefights (2 units, no wacky stuff like vehicles and whatnot), we’ve been able to finish 2 maneuvers in 5-6 hours. The second one drags a bit because we’ve had a week to plan stuff for the first one, and 10-15 minutes to plot for the second one.

The last session saw a major Firefight, and that took about 4 hours for one maneuver. I’d expect with the number of players you have that a big part of your job is going to be pushing the game forward, keeping momentum. Plan quick, focused scenes for your FoN and your players will hopefully follow suit.

I’ve played games with the GM plus four, six and two players.

In the four player games, we’d get two maneuvers in almost every session. In the other games we’d usually do one maneuver, but sometimes two.


With 4 players and a GM new to BE (although most had at least played BW before) we were able to get through most manuevers from start to finish in just about 2.5 to 3 hours. With that many players you’re likely going to need to use the optional conflict scenes fairly often.

Also, why only 4 FON? You should have 6 from World Burning, and you’ll definitely want all 3 of the ones on your side to oppose that many players. You should also burn up a Lieutenant type for each of them, to help you not get stomped in the Infection rolls.