Survivalist skill and Camping

So, what’s the deal with Survivalist? It seems like it is generally a bad idea to use it to find a camp.

The camp rules make it sound like you can just make camp whenever is appropriate, and the GM decides Typical/Unsafe/Dangerous. No roll necessary unless you want.

When rolling for Camp Events, you get a +1 if you’ve used Survivalist. But Survivalist is hard! Ob2 to make a typical camp for the whole party. Failure means a twist or a condition, as normal.

But if you forgo the +1, and take the roll on the Camp Event table, the worst that can happen is a disaster – which is basically a twist. No chance of condition. So why would you ever use Survivalist to find a camp? Just take your chances on the table.

What am I missing?

A disaster means you’re ejected from camp, no recovery and all checks are wiped. Maybe that’s your idea of a good deal. It’s not mine.

That is definitely worse than a twist! Thanks!