Targeting in Multi-Team Combat

I have another question that has come up during my group’s sessions, this time in regards to conflicts. I browsed through some other conflict threads, but could not find mention of my particular problem.

The dilemma that I have encountered shows up during multiple team conflicts. More specifically, it shows itself when choosing targets for actions in 2v2 team conflicts.

First, let’s look at a simple example of a 2v2 conflict round

This example plays out in a fairly straightforward manner. Mouse Team 1 and Weasel Team 1 make a versus roll against each other; Mouse Team 2 and Weasel Team 2 also make a versus roll against each other.

The next example is where things get weird, and it raises multiple questions.

Mouse Team 1 chooses Feint as their action, and targets Weasel Team 2
Mouse Team 2 chooses Maneuver as their action, and targets Weasel Team 1
Weasel Team 1 chooses Attack as their action, and targets Mouse Team 1
Weasel Team 2 chooses Defend as their action, and targets Mouse Team 2

Question 1: Mouse team 2 is Maneuvering against Weasel Team 1, who is Attacking. Maneuver against Attack is listed as a versus action. However, Weasel team 1 is not targeting Mouse Team 2. In this case, does the Maneuver still count as a versus action, or does it become independent as a result of Weasel Team 1 choosing a different target and therefore not entering into a “versus” situation?

Question 2: Mouse Team 1 chooses Feint as their action, and Weasel Team 2 chooses Defend. Both of these teams are being targeted by actions that prevent them from testing. Does this mean that neither Mouse Team 1 nor Weasel Team 2 get to roll as a result of being targeted by their action’s weakness?

Bump because I completely rewrote the thread and added helpful diagrams to explain the questions.

Second scenario is totally cool. Use the Attack successes to determine the difficulty of the Maneuver. Feinter and Defender get pwned.

Cool, I thought those were the most likely outcomes, but had to be sure. If this is right though, feint appears to be almost useless in a 2v2 conflict. If the opposing side is smart, one team will always be attacking while the other defends, to prevent feint from being effective.

I think I wasn’t clear. The Feinter gets hit with the Attack at the same time, but he kills the Defender at the same time.

I think we’re on the same page. What you’re saying is that because the defender is being targeted by feint, he doesn’t get to roll. At the same time, the feinter is being targeted by attack, so he doesn’t get to roll either. What I was getting at is that feint still has an effect, but when you look at the overall changes to the teams’ dispositions the defender is not hurt while the feinter takes a heavy hit from the attacker. Thus, feint is not as useful assuming that the opposing side has coordinated teams.

Unless of course you’re suggesting that the feinter still gets to make the roll against the defender, and simply doesn’t get to have the roll count against the attacker. If that is the case, then I don’t see any balance issue and apologize for the misunderstanding.

The Feinter rolls against the Defender. Defender doesn’t roll.
The Attacker rolls against the Feinter, but his successes are tallied independently of the Feinter’s.
Thus the Defender and the Feinter have both taken damage.

Okay great, thanks for clearing that up Luke!