Teams in a conflict

In Mouseguard, the rules suggest breaking the players up into teams of only three or four players; Torchbearer seems to instead envision all the players on the same team. What are the design reasons for the change?

It seems to me breaking the group up into teams, especially if they’re doing different conflicts, might be a way to keep everyone involved. For example, in The Dread Crypt of Skogenby I can see a final conflict where one team, say a cleric and an elf, are in a Banish conflict with Haathor-Vash while the fighters of the group are another team in a Drive Off conflict with the Tomb Guardians. Is that a valid approach under Torchbearer?


  1. No one except you, me and Thor seemed to like the MG rules.
  2. The rules in Torchbearer are way better.
  3. Torchbearer is all about acting as a team.